Electronic Medical Records – EMR For Dentists

January 29th, 2010 § 0 comments

There are many options for dentists. The Stimulus funds apply for these practices as well.

An EHR/EMR that has been designed specifically for Dentists will have a variety of Dentistry specific content as well as Dentistry specific workflow included within the product. A Dentistry specific EMR/EHR will most likely be adapted to your own workflow and a method of practicing Dentistry Medicine.

Here are some examples of why a Dentistry electronic medical record system may be most appropriate for your office, according to emrconsultant.com.

Dentistry Specific EMR/EHR Features:
* Anesthesia
* Dental Specific Letters
* Digital Dental Imagery (X-Ray and Picture Management)
* Fluoride Specific Template
* Hygiene Billing
* Integration with other dental products/equipment
* Periodontal Charting

We can assist with the evaluation for free. Please provide the information requested below:

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