How to Select EHR Systems: The EMR RFP Process

ChartZoom provides the basic RFP form, which allows clinics to get introductory information for the EMR selection process. What vendors can meet their needs, what is the price range to expect, what are the EMR hosting options. Beyond this, it is critical for the organization to establish criteria for selection. Staff representing the front desk, billing, scheduling, and by all means, provider champions, should be a part of the EMR comparison process from early stages through the final decision.

Electronic medical record systems have many commonalities, and are often presented as completely flexible. The potential client may be told that the system is so flexible, you will be able to build the perfect system with the right customization. But how easy is the customization? How much time will providers want to spend building their own forms? How do the EMR software upgrades and reports handle a variety of form designs?

It’s important to press the potential EMR vendors to show working models. Walk through through your current workflows, and press them to demonstrate how those workflows will translate in their system. Require a site visit with another customer in the same specialty.

While many articles on ChartZoom are dedicated to the evaluation process, keep in mind that clinic will set the requirements for the system. There are hundreds of EMR vendors and many will have solutions that could work for you. Go beyond “We’re so customizable, we’re the perfect solution for anyone” and make them work to prove the viability of their systems. Start here with the form below to identify various EMR companies that serve your location and specialty, and collect initial system information and pricing.