Evaluate and Compare Electronic Medical Records Software

Is it time to look at replacing paper charts with EMR software in your clinic?

There are federal incentives in place for the next few years to try to encourage this adoption. Patients are expecting their doctors to be sharing information electronically with other practices in town. And from a disaster standpoint, providers find that their data is better protected in digital format.

Software Advice shared their ten best practices for selecting an EMR system, and below is an excerpt:

Take ownership of the decision. Your EMR software will impact how you practice medicine, so this is not a process that should be delegated to back-office staff or the local “computer guy.” While your staff should play a key role in the EMR selection process and the EMR RFP, this process demands medical expertise and leadership that only the physician can provide…

Determine your own requirements. Too many physicians let software salesmen drive the selection process. Only you know how you should practice medicine. Therefore, it’s critical to map out your ideal workflow and how you interact with office staff to complete a patient visit. Do you want to limit the system to electronic charting, or do you want and end-to-end solution that extends all the way to claim management? At the same time, realize that your interactions with software vendors are good opportunities to learn new best practices and workflows that could improve the way you work. ..