Centricity EMR Software Rating – Electronic Medical Records

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From GE’s Introduction: Centricity® Electronic Medical Record (EMR) from GE Healthcare is a proven ambulatory system.

Relied on by more than 30,000 clinicians nationwide, Centricity EMR puts information at the center of care – and at your fingertips. Physicians and staff can spend less time tracking down lost charts, searching for radiology images, or calling the lab for results, and more time with patients.

With GE’s proven quality reporting solution, the GE Medical Quality Improvement Consortium (MQIC), Centricity EMR customers are able to feed quality metrics back into the care team’s workflow, driving behaviors that increase quality indicators and enabling participation in pay-for-performance programs.

With more than 20 years of successful implementations in settings ranging from solo practitioners to some of the nation’s largest healthcare organizations, Centricity EMR is an established solution backed by GE’s world-class service and support team.

Electronic Medical Records – EMR For Dentists

There are many options for dentists. The Stimulus funds apply for these practices as well.

An EHR/EMR that has been designed specifically for Dentists will have a variety of Dentistry specific content as well as Dentistry specific workflow included within the product. A Dentistry specific EMR/EHR will most likely be adapted to your own workflow and a method of practicing Dentistry Medicine.

Here are some examples of why a Dentistry electronic medical record system may be most appropriate for your office, according to emrconsultant.com.

Dentistry Specific EMR/EHR Features:
* Anesthesia
* Dental Specific Letters
* Digital Dental Imagery (X-Ray and Picture Management)
* Fluoride Specific Template
* Hygiene Billing
* Integration with other dental products/equipment
* Periodontal Charting

We can assist with the evaluation for free. Please provide the information requested below:

EHR Systems and Meaningful Use Final Rule Compliance

The ONC and the HHS has released their Final Rule regarding Meaningful Use compliance, describing how hospitals and providers must use their Electronic Health Records (EMR software) to receive the ARRA funds. This is a significant announcement that sets the Information Technology priorities for healthcare organizations for the next five years.

Some of the requirements have been relaxed. For example, instead of the 100% compliance requirements, there is a mix of core items and menu items. A provider must meet the core items and then meet some of the menu items.

If your practice is running Centricity, AllScripts, NextGen, or Epic, or another EHR system, you will likely receive an upgrade at the end of this year or early 2011.

You will then need to prove Meaningful Use for all 2012. Use the breathing room in the first year wisely as you prepare for more stringent requirements in the coming years.